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Always reblog this. A lot of the animals they kill (and they kill over 95% of the animals they take in at their Virginia Headquarters) are killed within 24 hours. Not nearly enough time to deem whether an animal is adoptable or not. They even bought a giant fridge to store the corpses!

       PETA is a corporation. Not a charity.  Less than 1% of their 32 Million+ annual budget actually goes to directly helping animals. Most of it is spent making sexist/racist/ domestic abuse supporting commercials that won’t even air on television, giving bail outs to convicted arsonists and criminals, hiring/supporting any celebrity that claims to be vegetarian for five minutes, creating campaigns to target children (“Your mom kills animals”), fruitless lawsuits like suing Sea World for violating the constitution, and most recently, making porn. I’m not against porn, but I fail to see how it fucking helps animals. 

PETA does not give a shit about animals.

Plus, these assholes have the gall to insult Steve Irwin.

I don’t know if all this is true or not, but I’ve never liked PETA anyway and even the possibility of this being true makes me full on hate them.

I agree with him. Just the possibility of it being true… Ugh.

If its true or not… I’d rather not know.
PETA: what they SAY they do is good, what they REALLY do is… I don’t have words, because disgusting isn’t good enough.

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    I completely agree with this post except the part about Steve Irwin. Most people here in Australia talk shit about him...
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